viernes, 21 de agosto de 2015


Yo he flipado bastante con estas creaciones...

The Department of Phenomenal Pencil Art is thrilled to introduce its newest member: Bosnian artistJasenko Đorđević, aka TOLDart. Inspired by the work of Dalton Ghetti (previously posted here), Đorđević uses an X-acto knife and an itty-bitty chisel to carefully carve the graphite tips of pencils into incredibly tiny sculptures depicting including miniature recreations of iconic works of art, famous buildings, flowers, animals, and everyday objects such as this perfect pan head screw:


Sometime Đorđević work with the entire pencil. He transformed this one into a high-speed train passing through tunnels:


He also created a miniature sculpture of the focal point of Michelangelo’s famous fresco The Creation of Adam:


Visit Jasenko Đorđević’s website or follow him on Facebook or Instagram to check out more of his extraordinary pencil carvings.